We create new ways to move.

VanMoof was founded in Amsterdam in 2009 with the ambition to create the perfect city bike. In 2014, we went electric. Year on year, we developed industry-first, award-winning technology that redefined city mobility. Today, we offer a design-focused, high-tech and feature-rich experience for our global community of city riders.

In September 2023, we – McLaren Applied – acquired VanMoof. Our first move? To keep and grow what worked. And rebuild what didn’t. It was time to re-engineer how we ride.

We’ve built on our IT systems, expanded our app, relaunched rider support channels and restructured and kickstarted our supply chain to make our current models more robust and easier to service. To keep riders on the road, we’ve built an ever-expanding partner network and supplied them with the knowledge, tools and parts they need to service our bikes.

We’ve refined our current models to make your ride even smoother in every way, and we test them beyond industry standards in our Labs. Simultaneously, our R&D teams are creating entirely new, game-changing ways to move around our cities. Ready to move our way?

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